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Shipping & Returns

Note that if you want someone to collect a package for you, their identity or identity must be the same as your last name.

Send delivery time means that the parcel has left the storage. We can not guarantee delivery time, these instructions are for reference only.

Receiving Email will notify you that your order is at www.aeroklub-prebold.si. When a packet is sent to your shipping address, add an email message to tell you.

Give us your full delivery address and phone number, as this may be useful on time.

Refund and Return
If the customer returns because he no longer needs to be returned within 28 days of receipt. Unwanted goods will not be received within 28 days of return to the United States. Returned items must have unused / unused space, original packaging and receipts as proof of purchase. The order of delivery is entitled "Return Reason", part of which must be met by stock change.

If you think that you have purchased the product online, you can return it to us for review. If we believe that manufacturing fails, we will replace the goods (as applicable) or be credited. They must be received within 7 days of the date of receipt and original packaging and returned to the website as proof of purchase

The product must be completed and returned for any reason (network-related receipt) returned together. If you buy multiple items as part of a special offer or package and you decide that one or more products are not suitable, you must return all the products purchased by the packages or offers.

You can order and sell retail outlets that are happy to view the website and provide replacement merchandise to return to lanyardsplus.com.au if needed. On request or full refund return is still required, the warehouse must be returned to the head office for processing. Customer Service will contact you and inform you of the following order.

For health reasons, we can not accept lingerie, closures, drinking bottles, insole or rugby protectors. You can get a refund if these items are damaged / damaged within 7 days.

Allow your account to be collected or 28 days after the release date. We will refund your payment.

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